How to use the Magnetic Chock...
The Magnetic Chock was developed to be used on the strike plate side of the jamb. The magnets on the 4" chock are spaced to attach to the screws of a residential strike plate. If the door jamb is made of metal, the 4" chock can be placed anywhere on the jamb, including over the strike plate.

The magnets on the 6" chock are spaced to attach to the screws of most commercial strike plates. Again, if the jamb is metal, it can be placed anywhere on the jamb. The picture below shows a chock placed on the hinge plate.

The Combo chock can be used on either residential or commercial doors. The Combo chock uses three magnets giving it the correct spacing for noth strike plates. The Combo chock also gives the user the ability to hold the door in the open position. The chock is placed on top of the hinge pin. The middle magnet holds to the hinge pin, preventing the door from closing.
When removing the chock, "slide" the chock off the jamb in order to reduce the stress on the magnets. See diagram above.

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