"I used the first generation of the Magnetic Chock and found it very useful on EMS calls. The chock stayed in place over the strike plate which prevented the door from latching. The second generation Magnetic Chock is an all around fire service tool. The addition of the cut outs in the middle of the chock makes it a great tool for holding doors open while leading out.They don't get kicked out by boots or fall out when the door get bumped. The handful of  Magnetic Chocks I carry take up about as much space as a single wood chock. This is a must have tool for every firefighter."

FF Pat Brown, Chicago Fire Dept. Truck 15


Dear FF Martin,

"I tried the Magnetic chock.  Finally a device that is simple and useful.  Some years ago I had an article published titled “Pocket Tools, the Tools of Experience”.  Now I can add a new tool to that list, your Magnetic Chock.  As you may be aware my 1st and foremost opinion is towards safety and usefulness.

Your tool will add to that immeasurably.  Nothing could be worse than to have a door close behind you while conducting a search or hold a supporting company outside when you need them with you.  But while your tool holds the door it also tells those following that a crew (you) are working in that space. 
On a less dramatic note, When a medic crew is working in house or apt and has asked for an assist company, what better way to hold the door for them and let them know exactly where you are. 

Congratulations, I wish you all the success promoting the Magnetic Chock.  I am confidant it will help keep firefighters safe everywhere it is used."

Chief Arthur Stoike; Retired.


"I came across this innovative chock recently. Throughout my career as a firefighter, I have used my share of different chocks- wood, rubber, plastic- I've used them all. Nothing feels worse than fumbling around in your pocket or reaching with a gloved hand feeling for one of those "old school" chocks. The Magnetic Chock has really been a blessing. I placed a pouch on my turnout coat and now I know where to find that tool every time. This great product can take a beating as well- anything from high heat to just being slammed on the door jamb or hinge. My fellow firefighters have raved about this product as well. We have enjoyed using The Magnetic Chock."

FF William Tolley, FDNY Ladder Co. 135


"I am not only the inventor, but I also use the chocks on a regular basis. I carry six of them when I am at work. Most of our vehicles also have a set on them. I have had great feedback from those using the chocks throughout the US. Thanks to all those that have purchased some chocks. Please spread the word!!! Thank you."

Albert Martin FF/EMT-P
Palatine, IL.


"I have been using The Magnetic Chock for over a year now. It has been a blessing on many occasions. With limited sets of keys, the chocks are a great alternative. Residents have also come to know that if they see a chock in the door, there is a maintenance staff member working in the area. The throw rugs can now stay where they belong! Thanks for the great idea."

Sam Mulvey- Head of Maintenance
Dana Point Condos, Mt. Prospect, IL.

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