Chocks in Use...

The Magnetic Chock is placed over the strike plate of the door. The door is closed but not latched. This application is great as it allows back-up crews easy access without having to re-chock the door.

The Magnetic Chock is placed on top of the middle hinge pin, not allowing to door to close. This application is great for hose advancement, ventilation or cot removal.

A closer look at the chock being placed on top of the hinge pin.

The Magnetic Chock is palce on the hinge plate located at the top of the door. This application allows the door to close 98% of the way and is "out of sight" of the normal person.

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The Magnetic Chock is placed on the floor between the door and jamb. The chock is attached to the screws on the kick plate. This is a door that has no hinge, a common commercial door.
This is the same door, but the chock was placed at the top of the frame. Again the chock is attached to the screws on the frame.
This is a chock being used on a panic door. Also a commonly used door commercially, the thickness of the chock does not allow the door to latch. Open and close the door all you want, the chock will not move!
"I have been using The Magnetic Chock for over a year now. It has been a blessing on many occasions. With limited sets of keys, the chocks are a great alternative.  Residents have also come to know that if they see a chock in the door, there is a maintenance staff member working in the area. The throw rugs can now stay where they belong! Thanks for the great idea."

Sam Mulvey- Head of Maintenance- Dana Point Condos, Mt. Prospect, IL.
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